Miska Trailers are Built Canadian tough in Hamilton, Ontario



Here is what to look for when buying a trailer.


When a load needs to be carried, you can count on a Miska Trailers' quality and durability to do it.

Innovation and Performance:

Miska Trailers™ is the leader in innovation and new ideas (just check out our new HD spring assisted two way ramp/door design). Miska Trailers™ are developed and tested in the field, to provide superb quality and performance that cannot be beat. The moto "Often imitated ... never duplicated", is so true.

The Frame:

It starts from the ground up…the Frame. When building open flatbed design trailers, the frame is everything. Miska builds the strongest frame in the industry, period. Made from prime material only, Miska uses "C" channel and HSS in all trailer designs to ensure long lasting life. We are famous for over sizing and overkilling our frames, and proud of it.

The Welds:

Miska Trailers™ is notorious for the quality, depth and smoothness of each and every weld we make. Our welders bring dozens of years of experience, we have the best equipment, experienced supervision and superior quality control programs. This ensures that the customer gets the best quality weld possible.

The Measurements:

All Miska Trailers™ are built using a complex set of Jigs, this guarantees that all the measurements are correct and consistently the same. This also ensures the trailers are welded square and true, the way they should be.


Miska Trailers™ has the most diverse line of trailers available in the industry, as well as, custom manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to make hundreds of thousands different combinations, to suit every need. Everything from Utility trailers, Landscapers, Carhaulers, Low Bed Floats, Deckover Floats, Equipment Floats and Dump Trailers.

The Parts:

You can’t have the best trailer in the business without using the best parts. When it comes to quality, no one matches the quality of our parts. Miska Trailers™ uses oversized and heavy duty parts on all our trailers. Our engineers calculate and size the parts by the book, to ensure that the trailers are going to last in the most extreme conditions.

The Electrics:

Miska offers a "no hassle" plug and play Sealed Wiring Harness (Duraflex Sta-Dry System), along with LED Rubber Mounted Waterproof Lights which carry a Lifetime Warranty. All standard wiring is loomed, suitably routed, fastened, and ty-wrapped. All the terminals ends, sockets, plugs are lubricated with dielectric grease before assembly. All lights are anti-shock mounted sealed beam or LED style and mounted in fabricated steel pillars. These items will give long lasting, trouble free life to our trailers.

The Finish:

All of MISKA TRAILERS™ frames are cleaned of foreign residues and then thoroughly sandblasted. Miska Trailers™ uses only the best Premium 2K High Build Epoxy Primer and a 2K Premium Polyurethane High Gloss Topcoat for the finish, each trailer receives two coats of each. Your choice of six lustrous colors.

The Warranty:

BEST BUILT ... BEST BACKED™. Miska Trailers™ offers a 3 year warranty on all their trailers. Who else is going to do that? WARRANTY = CONFIDENCE AND PIECE OF MIND.

The People:

At MISKA TRAILERS™ we can’t say enough about all the people we have working here. From our welders and production people, to our supervisors and our office people, we have the most dedicated, talented, professional people in the industry! The staff at Miska Trailers™ have years of "hands on" experience in the trailer industry. From experienced sales people, marketing, accounting, manufacturing and business related personnel, to engineering specialists. The employees at Miska Trailers™ invite you to come visit the factory, and show you why we stand behind our trailers with such confidence and pride.

If you need any more information to make up your mind, why not give MISKA TRAILERS™ a call at 800-306-2111. We would be glad to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.

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