Miska Trailers are Built Canadian tough in Hamilton, Ontario



In business, time is money. If you are one of our busy customers that cannot get away to pick up your trailer, why not take advantage of our convenient delivery service to have your trailer delivered to your front door.

Miska Trailers™ can have your trailer delivered anywhere in Canada for a reasonable charge.  We use our own and/or several independent truckers for this service.

There are two delivery methods: shared freight or expedited freight.

Shared Freight 

With shared freight, your trailer will be part of a full load that is being delivered to a geographic region and your trailer is part of the “shared” cost of the load. This helps us keep delivery costs very reasonable. Your delivery date may take a little longer until a full load is put together for your area. Your sales representative can give you an approximate delivery time that is dependent on what part of the country you need delivery to and how busy the delivery schedule is.

Expedited Freight

If you need your trailer immediately, we offer expedited delivery.  These deliveries do not involve any delay from trying to get several trailers to one area.

Miska Trailers™ ships our full product line from our plant in Hamilton, Ontario.  We stock most standard models. If you are not ordering special options or a custom trailer, this will usually cut delivery time.

Please contact one of our Customer Sales Representatives to get you a delivery quote, or you can simply pick up your trailer conveniently at our factory in Hamilton.


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