Miska Trailers are Built Canadian tough in Hamilton, Ontario



Before you buy, ask yourself these questions...

  1. Does the Trailer Dealer / Manufacturer provide liability insurance for the trailer? Ask for proof.
  2. What is the Trailer Warranty? What does it include?
  3. Will the Dealer / Manufacturer be in business for the duration of the warranty?
  4. Does the Dealer / Manufacturer stand behind their work?
  5. Is the Dealer / Manufacturer an established business? How long?
  6. Does your Dealer / Manufacturer provide In-House-Financing?
  7. Can the Dealer offer full service, repairs & parts?
  8. How is your Dealer’s Creditability? Stability? Reputation? Knowledge?
  9. How well is your Dealers’ Customer Service? Are you happy with it?
  10. Does the Dealer have a good reputation for service?
  11. Talk to current trailer owners, would they buy the same brand again?
  12. Does the Trailer dealer / manufacturer follow guidelines, standards, regulations, and recommended practices as outlined by National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM), Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada?
  13. How is the trailer engineered and designed? How is the trailer frame constructed? How is the trailer wired and painted?
  14. Am I getting what I’m paying for? Make sure you always challenge VALUE vs. PRICE?
  15. Will / Can the dealership answer technical questions about the trailer and/or the parts used in manufacturing? Buy Factory Direct and talk to the people that know the answers.
  16. Do you feel you can trust the people serving you?





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