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Miska Triumph - 7 Wide Single Axle

*Trailer shown may contain optional features or packages

Miska Triumph
7 Wide Single Axle

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Showing specs for: 7 x 10  
Overall Length  14' 3" w/30" Wedge
Overall Width  102"
Overall Height  93"
Interior Length  11' 11"
V-Nose Length 30"
Interior Width  80"
Interior Height  72"
Platform Height  19"
Drop Axles  3500 lb
Brakes  All Wheel Electric
Frame  HSS Tubular Steel
Front  Slant Wedge
Hitch Ball Size (Coupler)  2" A Frame
Curb Weight  1360
GVWR  3500
Payload Capacity  2140
Tire Size  ST205/75R15 
Wheels / Rims  Black Wheels with Chrome Right and Center Cap
Exterior Lights  L.E.D. Stop, Turn, Tail & Marker 
Vent  Flow Through
Rear Doors  Single Barn Door or Optional Ramp
Opening Width  77.5"
Opening Height  66"
Door Hardware  Zinc Hardware
Curb Side Door  32" with Bar Lock
Exterior  Screwless .030 Aluminum 
Front Corners  Screwless .030 Aluminum 
Floor (16" O.C.)  3/4" High Performance Floor
Sidewalls (16" O.C.)  3/8" High Performance Walls
Gravel Guard  24" Aluminum Checkerplate 
Roof (24" O.C.)  Seamless Aluminum 
Fenders  Aluminum ATP Fenders
Interior Lighting  Dome Light & Wall Switch
Warranty  3 Years 


Select either a package below OR Customize your trailer from the available option list below. Press continue  to receive a quote on your 7 Wide Single Axle. Click the ‘?’ icon corresponding to each available option for a detailed description.

Select Trailer Size

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7 x 10

From $6,120

7 x 12

From $6,509

Available Packages

Select from available packages below for great savings and combine with your own custom options to get the trailer you want!

Blackout Package (Single Axle)

  • Black 3” Top & Bottom Trim
  • Black ATP Fenders & Front Nose
  • Black Interior Trim Ring on Side Door
  • Black Sidewall Flow Through Vents
  • Black Turismo Aluminum Rims w/Chrome Center Cap
  • Black 24” Stoneguard
  • Black Aluminum Door Holdback


Triumph 5200 HD Frame Package

  • 12" Extra Height
  • Heavy Duty Ramp Door(Extra RD Hinge & Extra RD Tubing)
  • 12” OC Wall Post
  • 60" Triple Tube Tongue
  • (1) ID Bar/Loading Light Combo
  • 12V Switch(for loading light) (C/S Rear)
  • 5200 lb Torsion axle Upgrade
  • 12” OC Floor Crossmembers
  • 2-5/16” Adjustable Coupler w/ 8k Drop Leg Jack
  • 2”x6” Main Frame Upgrade
  • 16" O/C Roof Bows upgrade
  • (2) Extra Dome Lights (4 – Total)
  • Vents - Aluminum Directional Sidewall Salem Vents


Triumph Contractor Package - 7 Wide

  • Black, 8x11 Document Holder
  • Interior/Exterior Speaker Package with US Port
  • 54” Triple Tube Tongue
  • ATP Strips Installed in Wedge Trailer Only(in R/S, R/S and Centered in Wedge)
  • (1) ID Bar/Loading Light Combo
  • Vents - 14" x 14" Roof Vents
  • 12" On Center Crossmembers
  • 2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler w/7K Drop leg Jack
  • 2”x6” Main Frame Upgrade
  • (2) Extra Dome Lights (4 – Total)
  • 12V 3-Way Interior Wall Switch
  • Vents - Aluminum Directional Sidewall Salem Vents


Triumph Contractor Special Ladder Package

  • (4) Ladder Racks
  • 24” W x Full Height ATP w/ J-Trim beside Ladder
  • (1) Removable Ladder (Specify Location)
  • ATP w/ Trim, Over Drymax on the Tongue


Triumph Professional Landscape Package

  • Kickplate 3/4" x 12" H
  • 12" On Center Crossmembers
  • Grab Handles for Ramp Door
  • 6" Extended Hitch
  • 36" Side Door IPO 32"
  • Additional LED Tail Light
  • Vents - 14" x 14" Roof Vents
  • 12" x Full Width ATP Floor (at rear of trailer)
  • (8) Recessed Rope Rings (4 Each Wall)
  • 3/4" x 12" Tall Advantech Kickplate Along 3 Walls
  • 2 - 5/16" Adjustable Coupler
  • 12V 3-Way Interior Wall Switch
  • Vents - Aluminum Directional Sidewall Salem Vents


UTV Package (12" Extra Height)

  • Spare Tire Mount - (Loose Aluminum)
  • Pair of Stab Jacks
  • 12V Switch(for loading light) (C/S Rear)
  • (1) 7-Way Plastic Tongue Holder
  • (1) ID Bar/Loading Light Combo


UTV Package (6" Extra Height)

  • #5000 Floor Mounted Recessed D-Rings (4)
  • Pair of Stab Jacks
  • 12V Switch(for loading light) (C/S Rear)
  • Spare Tire Mount - (Loose Aluminum)
  • (1) 7-Way Plastic Tongue Holder
  • (1) ID Bar/Loading Light Combo



Customize your trailer further by selecting from available options below.

Interior Options

5000# Recessed D Rings w/Steel Plate
9" Round Metal Dome Lights Upgrade
Aluminum Extension Ladder Racks
Ceiling Liner ( White Vinyl or Raw Luan )
Extra Height - 12"
Extra Height - 18"
Interior Spare Tire Carrier - Loose
Recessed or Surface Mount E-Track w/ Steel Backer
Recessed Rope Ties - 4 Each wall
Removable Wheel Chocks
Spare Tire Mount - Interior Wall
Tie Down E-Track Recessed
Tie Down Recessed D Rings
Tie Down Side Wall Surface D Ring
White Aluminum Walls

Exterior Options

#2500 Capacity Spring Assisted Ramp Door
Rear Fold-Down Stabilizer Jacks
Roof Vent or Plastic Side Wall Vents
2 - Tone Exterior
2 Tone Exterior with 4" Divider Strip
Black Star Aluminum Wheels
Corrosion Resistant Hardware
Exterior Sliding Window
Generator Doors and Compartments
Grab Handles for Ramp Door
Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Rack
R.V. Door - Deluxe w/ Window
R.V. Door - Econo w/ Flush Lock
R.V. Door Latch
Radial Tires
Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Flap
Rear Stabilizer Jacks
Spare Tire & Rim
Spare Tire Mount - Exterior A Frame

RACK'EM Enclosed Trailer Racks

2.5 Gallon Gas Can Rack
5 Gallon Gas Can Rack
Ladder Rack Bracket Kit
RA-10AB Lubrication Rack - Bin
RA-10B Lubrication Rack - Bin Only
RA-10C Lubrication Rack, Bin Only - Large Capacity
RA-11 2-Hook Multi-Tool Rack
RA-13 Shelf Kit / Bunk Bed
RA-15 Shovel Rack
RA-16 Spare Tire Carrier
RA-18 Beverage Cooler Rack
RA-24 Sliding Wall Shelf Kit
RA-28 Fitz-All Trailer Ladder Racks
RA-28S Ladder Rack Stops
RA-3 Hedge Trimmer Rack
RA-4 Back Pack Blower Rack
RA-5 Trimmer Rack
RA-7 6-Hook Multi-Tool Rack
RA-8 Single Hook Rack
RA-9 Trim Line Rack
Road Cone Holder
Spare Tire - Hook ONLY


GPS Tracking Device
Trimax Universal Coupler Lock UMAX50

Floor Liner Options

Flooring - Black & White Checkerboard
Flooring - Rubber Tread Plate Floor

Vent/Window Options

Vents - 14" x 14" 12V Roof Vent
Vents - 3 Way Directional
Vents - Roof Maxx Air


Miska Trailers now come with new super tough acrylic polyurethane finish. Trailers are fully sandblasted, degreased, acid etched, then painted.

  • White
  • Black
  • Matte Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Pewter
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Charcoal
  • Yellow
  • Green

7 Wide Single Axle DOWNLOADS

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